Lockdown is an up-to-the-minute series that reflects the current state of the world. Shot entirely via webcam and smartphones, it is the story of an interwoven friend group affected by COVID-19 and how they cope by helping each other. At the beginning of the quarantine, Nira and her friends Emi, Sam, Chris, Luke and Aiden pass the time posting dance videos, doing elaborate (and unsuccessful) make-up tutorials and supporting each other by staying connected. But as the stay-at-home order drags on into its fifth week, the self-isolation begins to take its psychological toll. Late one night, Nira hears a scream from her neighbour’s backyard and becomes determined to find out what happened. At first, some of her friends dismiss it as social distancing induced paranoia but slowly, as Nira gathers more suspicious activity on video, the group comes to believe her that one of their neighbours is hiding something. While Nira and her friends delve into the mystery, Lockdown also explores the realities of teen life during quarantine. Whether it’s worrying about an at-risk grandparent, struggling with the financial impact of the lockdown, having a pre-existing condition, dealing with a racist incident, being separated from a parent who works on the frontlines, or struggling with their mental health, each of our characters is dealing with pandemic fall out in a different way. It is through the exploration of these stories that Lockdown will help real-life kids watching at home deal with their own struggles during Covid-19.

TV SERIES ||  Produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment. Available on YouTube Premium.